Brain Power 2020

Researchers bring us two perspectives on enhancing intelligence. Neuroplasticity can be influenced in a positive direction to improve brain power!”


In animal research Marian Diamond described what rats did to enhance their brain power by being active in an enriched environment. Watching from a neighboring cage did not give rats better brain power. Activity was essential.”


Then when they held and talked to her rats, their lifespan increased 50% to the equivalent of 90 years of human age. Throughout this period of enrichment with added positive psychology, her rats continued to show improvements in brain chemistry, architecture and performance. Thus, Marian Diamond found that, even to the equivalent of 90 years of human age, her rats enjoyed vigorous longevity while they were “Enriching Heredity.” She believed that humans could earn these same benefits of increasing brain power, of “enriching heredity.” Watch Marian Diamond’s YouTube video, “Older Brains, New Connections” for her brilliant presentation on this topic.


In human research James Flynn found that we are making massive IQ gains from one generation to another. This has been documented in over thirty countries around the world. Flynn is not saying we’re born with better brains but that we are developing brain power that makes it possible for us to deal with an increasingly complex modern world that includes working with problems of economic development.


Taken together, the research of Diamond and Flynn suggests:
That taking an active role in solving environmental challenges can help build better brain power AND
That tender touch and talk could significantly increase the probability that you can “enrich heredity” for a brain-span that exceeds your lifespan.


Brain Power 2020 blogs will explore ways we can influence neuroplasticity to build better brain power.

What Is Brain Power 2020?

axons-smWhat is Brain Power 2020?


Brain power 2020 is seeing clearly; remembering more; having better judgment; making the best decisions; thinking quickly; continually enjoying increasingly complicated new learning; being so happy in your mission and purpose that time evaporates; celebrating progress; and using your knowledge with such efficiency that your personal best keeps evolving to be even better across time. It’s thinking fast on the go so you simply get more out of life. It’s the laughter, real, shared or simulated (Mora-Ripoll, 2011) that promotes and celebrates health.

It’s mastering the balance between independence and interdependence so that the bulk of your time is enjoyed in the midst of a supportive crowd that thrives on being the wind beneath each other’s wings.

It is juice! It results in you feeling better about yourself; having better energy; and looking forward with confidence to the next bend in your life’s highway.

It is enjoying enhancing your personal best.

Dr. Joyce


Brain Power 2020

Increasing human intelligence is referred to as the Flynn effect (Flynn, 1984; 1987). It has been documented in several countries.

At the very least that can be considered evidence of environmental influence on how our brains perform. It raises many questions.

Is there a limit to how much we can increase our brain power? Will you join me in exploring how far we can take this human intellectual growth?

A recent article in the New York Times suggests that anthropologists studying human evolution across the last million or so years believe they have a handle on why and how we’ve come a long way, Baby! These anthropologists are quick to point out that their hypothesis is both based on science AND essentially impossible to prove.

The most empowering use of this perspective is to integrate it with evolving human neuroscience. Many recent studies tend to shed light on some of the ways humans could evolve intellectually. Neuroplasticity refers to changes in brain cells. Neuroplasticity CAN be influenced in positive ways!

I’m writing an eBook series with several goals. It is my mission and my passion to share evolving neuroscience that addresses the topic of enhancing human intelligence. I thrive on integrating cutting edge science with groundbreaking science that gave us a foundation to build on.

I am inviting you to use this science along with wise counsel from your healthcare provider AND your own best judgment about how to set your unique strategic plan to increase your brain power.

Don’t do as I do. Don’t do as I say. Use science and your healthcare professional to determine YOUR best way.

Stay tuned. This could be fun AND empowering. And thanks for your interest in Ideal Aging with increasing brain power.

Dr. Joyce