Brain Power At Any Age

Neuroplasticity to Improve Healthcare, Peace & Business.

Joyce Shaffer, PhD, and Liliana Alberto, MD, are cofounders of an international project

Brain cell illustration by David Yu, MD

Mission: To empower the gifted who have a track record of service above self for good … to make the world a better place.

Vision: AT ANY AGE we can work together in using evidence-based applications for “Enriching Heredity” (book by Marian Diamond, the mother of neuroplasticity).

illustration by David Yu, MD
  • Provide evolving neuroscience that can inform strategies by you and your healthcare provider so you can maximize your Brain Power AT ANY AGE through your vigorous longevity;
  • Emphasize ways researchers are suggesting we can prevent, delay onset and/or reverse cognitive decline;
  • Use evidence-based interventions:
    • To contribute to the Flynn Effect (increasing intelligence documented in many countries)
    • To improve global statistics on dementia.

We support and encourage networking and collaboration between the many organizations in our communities and our nations that share similar interests in cutting-edge science on neuroplasticity for improving brain chemistry, architecture and performance in ALL people AT ANY AGE.


We gave a 90-minute presentation at the 109 th Rotary International Convention in Toronto for over 500 guests entitled Brain Power for PEACE: Building Global Relations through Neuroplasticity.


“Dr. Joyce’s program has done more for my Brain Power, tension and stress in one week than any other program has done for me in a year!”

~Mark Sumpter, Founder – The Wealth College, Inc.