We provide research data at the knowledge level of your clients in:

  • Keynote Addresses, workshops and/or seminar events focused on how to use neuroplasticity for your personal, social, career AND business profits
  • Guidance in your focus on using research data to drive improvements
  • Opportunity to join our international efforts to improve Brain Power and global statistics on Brain Health AT ANY AGE
  • Tools for increasing success in business and building vigorous longevity with a brain to live for
  • Evolving neuroscience on “Enriching Heredity,” the title of the book written by the mother of neuroplasticity, along with skills and strategies to maximize your investments of time, effort & money
  • Visual and metric data on the impact that evidence-based interventions could have on YOUR BRAIN, so you’ll say: “Give me the guidelines! I’m doing this!”
  • My recent peer-reviewed open source article: Neuroplasticity in Clinical Practice: Building Brain Power for Health. It is a good beginning for increasing your data, motivation and personal empowerment
  • A Brain Power Cruise is in the works with updates provided here …


We gave a 90-minute presentation at the 109 th Rotary International Convention in Toronto for over 500 guests entitled Brain Power for PEACE: Building Global Relations through Neuroplasticity.

Invite us to present for YOUR group on YOUR interest in neuroplasticity.

PLEASE NOTE: to join our team in this effort, your impact can include anything from reading and using the information in my Neuroplasticity article … to sharing this information … to reading and sharing my Kindle book(s) … to letting us know of any involvement that would make your heart sing.
In any case, thanks for your interest AND here’s to YOUR Brain Health and BRAIN POWER!