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MarkSumpterHeadshotDr. Joyce’s program has done more for my tension and stress in one week than any other program has done for me in a year!”


~Mark Sumpter, Founder – The Wealth College, Inc.


speakingDr. Joyce can tailor a presentation specifically for your group or you can choose one of the topics described here. She can focus on increasing brain power for business or personal value. All lectures include time for questions and answers, and many can also be delivered in an extended workshop format: half-day, full-day, or weekend program. Elegant Powerpoint visuals create lasting impressions of new neuroscience so you can create progress that endures.


Dr. Joyce is in great demand as a speaker. She brings the language of science alive so that the audience is excited to make the delicious and energizing changes indicated … for the Health of it!

Her gracious style of teaching ways to Build Better Brains provides audiences with simple steps to enrich their lives through Ideal Aging®. They can develop a strategic plan that is unique to their life demands and will enhance enduring happiness, health and productivity. Audiences everywhere say she “walks the talk” with energy, inspiration and wit.


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Lecture Topics


The How of Brain Fitness

Exciting new neuroscience yields an evolving definition of “ideal” brain fitness. Research is increasingly focused on “slowing, arresting, or reversing functional decline in adults.” It is now apparent that the role of lifestyle choices is potentially greater than genetics. Neuroplasticity includes at any age the ability of your brain to develop in positive ways, to change, and to rewire circuits in ways that had been thought to be impossible. Marian Diamond described “enhancing heredity” even in elderly rats. She believed the same was possible in humans. Positive changes are possible in your brain’s chemistry, architecture AND performance. And the best news in recent years is that moment-by-moment you create your brain.


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Improving Memory and Speed of Processing

The most complex system in the universe is nestled between your ears. It’s out of sight but is your mind. Memory and speed of processing are among its most essential activities and they are also significantly vulnerable to multitasking, aging, stress, and other factors. One of the beauties of advancing technology is the increasing capacity to watch the brain at work with non-invasive techniques. The hippocampus is the part of the brain associated with learning memory. It uses at least two factors in deciding whether or not to store new information in memory and, if so, where. Beyond the various actions than can improve memory and speed of processing, the added goal is to turn your brain into a “self-fertilizing garden” so that better chemistry can aid in the endurance of enhanced memory and speed.


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Why It Takes a HAPPY Village to Keep Your Brain Fit

Just 17 to 33 milliseconds is the time it takes to register your reaction when you connect with another person. That happens long before you are aware of what you are thinking or feeling about them and their actions. “Permeable” is not how most of us would describe our minds. We tend to think of ourselves as fiercely independent. New neuroscience expands that view. While we are connected to another, each of us helps create the mental life of both of us. Mirror neurons create a super-high-speed highway between brains causing powerful exchanges of information in mere milliseconds. According to Daniel Goleman, “The exquisite social responsiveness of the brain demands that we realize that not just our own emotions but our very biology is being driven and molded, for better or for worse, by others.”


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Stress Power: How to Go from Misery to Mellow in Milliseconds

Stress is the greatest thief of time, health, productivity, creativity, whimsy, spontaneity, and brainpower there is! Most of the visits to healthcare offices are actually stress-related. Stress hormones can cause more fat to be deposited on your body so you gain weight even while dieting. These same stress hormones can even reduce the number of new brain cells you could produce! Some stress is unavoidable. That’s why a conditioned relaxation response is a critical skill. And there are so many other easy, portable, fun ways of turning stress into power that this has become a favorite topic.


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Use Positive Psychology to Build Better Brains

Review of the scientific literature leads to the conclusion: To keep your brain fit, keep it happy. Expression of positive emotions in one essay written 30 years earlier predicted a longer life in the Mankato nuns. Happy people live longer, have less disability, suffer less pain, and have the kind of health habits associated with lower blood pressure and more protective immune systems than less-happy people. Increased happiness is also associated with higher quality goals, improved performance, more persistence, greater productivity, and higher pay. Happiness causes success and being more engaged socially. This fun filled lecture focuses on science-based ways of increasing authentic and enduring happiness for brain health.


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Energy Elevators: The Vigorous Longevity You Earn for Yourself

A critical component of having the energy to enjoy vigorous longevity is to exercise right. Rats created more new brain cells whether they ran voluntarily or were forced to be aerobic. Evidence of accelerated creation of new brain cells in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus of humans was related to better cardiovascular function and improved cognitive functions. This is the area of the hippocampus that is critical for memory. The so-called “normal changes of aging” have been associated with this part of the hippocampus. To have the energy to properly savor vigorous longevity it is equally important to eat smart deliciously.


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Cocoa and Other Brain Foods

Genes do not dictate. The MacArthur Foundation Study emphasized the “positive aspects of aging.” This consortium of brilliant minds found that the way you live, more than your genes, determines your health and vitality. The high concentration of centenarians in Okinawa is an excellent example of successful aging. It’s estimated that Okinawans consume about 40% fewer calories than Americans do. Eating fewer calories and getting adequate nutrients delay aging and extend the lifespan according to research with rats, protozoans, water fleas, worms, guppies, and flies. The other good news is that cocoa powder has shown a powerful antioxidant effect. Research suggests that the flavonoids in cocoa may improve heart health and reduce inflammation. This lecture emphasizes ways you can eat deliciously to influence Ideal Aging®.


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Brain Fitness in Your Business

The focus of this lecture is on developing the human competitive edge. It emphasizes applying positive psychology to build better brains for business. To be smarter this year is no longer the gift of the young. Neuroscience is veritably racing ahead with evidence that it is never too early and never too late to enhance brain power. Relatively brief, research based, and focused interventions will be related to performance in the workplace and satisfaction of participants in the organization. These evidence based techniques can be applied immediately to enhance brain fitness, health and productivity.


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