What Is Brain Power 2020?

axons-smWhat is Brain Power 2020?


Brain power 2020 is seeing clearly; remembering more; having better judgment; making the best decisions; thinking quickly; continually enjoying increasingly complicated new learning; being so happy in your mission and purpose that time evaporates; celebrating progress; and using your knowledge with such efficiency that your personal best keeps evolving to be even better across time. It’s thinking fast on the go so you simply get more out of life. It’s the laughter, real, shared or simulated (Mora-Ripoll, 2011) that promotes and celebrates health.

It’s mastering the balance between independence and interdependence so that the bulk of your time is enjoyed in the midst of a supportive crowd that thrives on being the wind beneath each other’s wings.

It is juice! It results in you feeling better about yourself; having better energy; and looking forward with confidence to the next bend in your life’s highway.

It is enjoying enhancing your personal best.

Dr. Joyce


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