About Dr. Joyce

Joyce Shaffer, PhD, is uniquely qualified to write and teach Neuroplasticity AT ANY AGE for Ideal Aging®.

Dr. Joyce Shaffer

  • Her recent peer reviewed open source article, Neuroplasticity and Clinical Practice: Building Brain Power for Health, has received massive and extraordinary attention.
  • She provides Keynote addresses and workshops internationally on Neuroplasticity for Peace, Business and Health.
  • Throughout her more than 40 years in healthcare she has stayed at the cutting edge of neuroscience.
  • She earned a Doctorate in Psychology from Hofstra University.
  • A Thomas Jefferson University graduate, she is licensed as registered nurse.
  • Since 1983 she has served as an expert for the University of Washington mental health court (and other courts) on psychiatric AND medical matters.
  • She earned Diplomate status with the American Board of Professional Psychology.
  • Bicycling for all of 2000 with the Odyssey 2000 (O2K) trek that averaged 80 miles a day in 45 countries on 6 continents, Dr. Joyce is a testament to Ideal Aging®.
  • Dr. Joyce excels at bringing hard scientific data alive so you can enjoy its benefits.
  • She has academic and nonacademic publications.
  • As a result of her book Ideal Aging®: 5 Steps to Keep Your Brain Fit and her video recordings of her Ideal Aging Summit™, she has been an invited guest to TV programs including the panel of experts on the PBS series Second Opinion.