Brain Health by YOU: An Important Point

If you have read previous article(s) of this series, welcome back on this journey focused on “Enriching Heredity,” the title of the book by the mother or neuroplasticity, Marian Diamond.
Now the fun begins as we fit the empowering advances of neuroscience into the culture and lifestyle of ourselves and of those we seek to serve. To help us with that, check back here often for the latest and greatest of evolving neuroscience for the health of it.
Early research on neuroplasticity disproved the long-held belief of scientists that brains are hard-wired to live by the rules of genetic inheritance. Early studies focused on the architecture of the brain cells. A description of the brain cell, or neuron, can help flesh that out. A rounded spot near the center can represent the cell body. Extending out from the sides and bottom of the cell body are the dendrites. The several branches of the dendrites bring information into the cell body from somewhere in your body by way of an electrical charge that goes through the dendrites contributing to the formation of memories in spines that build up on the dendrites over time. Also, an electrical charge goes out through the axon, projecting from the top of the cell, to carry the message forward to the next cell. Important point: your brain cells need that electrical charge. Use them and they will grow.

Joyce Shaffer, PhD, is a psychologist, nurse, speaker, global bicyclist and author. Nothing she writes or says is intended as health care advice; take science to your healthcare provider and fashion your own Ideal Aging®.

Also, read Neuroplasticity and Clinical Practice, her article on brain health. Learn. Do.
Be a role model of many ways to improve your own Brain Health by YOU.

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