Brain Health by YOU: The Mother of Neuroplasticity

If you have read Brain Health International, the first article of this series, welcome back on this journey focused on “Enriching Heredity,” the title of the book by the mother or neuroplasticity, Marian Diamond. Her YouTube video, Older Brains, New Connections, is so invaluable that it is a regular homework assignment in my work.
Marian Diamond was the first to flesh out how much could be accomplished in brain plasticity at any age. Just by having technicians hold and talk to their rats she found that neuroplasticity was driven in a positive direction along with a 50% increase in the lifespan of rats to the equivalent of 90 human years AND the same brain gains were observed across their entire rat lifespan!
Diamond predicted that humans could appreciate the same brain gains at any age; research presented here is just a beginning of sharing some cutting-edge neuroscience that has proven her prediction to be spot on. Now the fun begins as we fit the empowering advances of neuroscience into the culture and lifestyle of ourselves and of those we seek to serve. To help us with that, check back here often for the latest and greatest of evolving neuroscience for the health of it.
Remember that nothing I ever write is intended to be healthcare advice. Remember to learn as much as you can from evolving neuroscience and work with your healthcare provider to design your unique goals and strategies for achieving your own positively evolving personal best.

Joyce Shaffer, PhD, is a psychologist, nurse, speaker, global bicyclist and author. She is a co-founder and collaborator in promoting Brain Health by YOU for the sole purpose of improving Brain Health anywhere on the globe; this is in response to the prediction that, if ALL we do is delay onset one year, we could have 9,200,000 fewer cases of dementia in 2050.
How can you help? Read Neuroplasticity and Clinical Practice on Brain Health. Learn. Do. Be a role model of many ways to improve your own Brain Health by YOU.

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