Brain Power At Any Age

Joyce Shaffer, PhD, and Liliana Alberto, MD, are cofounders of an international project on

Neuroplasticity to Improve Healthcare, Peace & Business.

Our mission is to empower you to use neuroplasticity to build better brains AT ANY AGE for the health of it … in YOUR business, healthcare, peace and community.

Our goal is to improve our global statistics on cognitive skills by improving Brain Health & Brain Power AT ANY AGE to increase the percentage of our people who enjoy vigorous longevity.

We support and encourage networking and collaboration between the many organizations in our communities and our nations that share similar interests in cutting-edge science on neuroplasticity for improving brain chemistry, architecture and performance in ALL people AT ANY AGE.

We provide research data at the knowledge level of your clients in:

  • Keynote Address, workshops and/or seminar events focused on how to use neuroplasticity for your personal, social, career AND business profits

  • Guidance in your focus on using research data to drive improvements

  • Opportunity to join our international efforts to improve Brain Power and global statistics on Brain Health AT ANY AGE

  • Tools for increasing success in business and building vigorous longevity with a brain to live for

  • Evolving neuroscience on “Enriching Heredity,” the title of the book written by the mother of neuroplasticity, along with skills and strategies to maximize your investments of time, effort & money

  • Visual and metric data on the impact that evidence-based interventions could have on YOUR BRAIN, so you’ll say: “Give me the guidelines! I’m doing this!”

  • My recent peer-reviewed open source article: Neuroplasticity in Clinical Practice: Building Brain Power for Health. It is a good beginning for increasing your data, motivation and personal empowerment

  • A Brain Power Cruise is in the works with updates provided here


We gave a 90-minute presentation at the 2018 Rotary International Convention in Toronto for over 500 guests entitled Brain Power for PEACE: Building Global Relations through Neuroplasticity.

Invite us to present for YOUR group on YOUR interest in neuroplasticity.

PLEASE NOTE: to join our team in this effort, your impact can include anything from reading and using the information in my Neuroplasticity article … to sharing this information … to reading and sharing my Kindle book(s) … to letting us know of any involvement that would make your heart sing.

In any case, thanks for your interest AND here’s to YOUR Brain Health and BRAIN POWER!

International Project on Neuroplasticity to Improve Healthcare, Peace & Business.

MarkSumpterHeadshotDr. Joyce’s program has done more for my Brain Power, tension and stress in one week than any other program has done for me in a year!”

~Mark Sumpter, Founder – The Wealth College, Inc.