Brain Health by YOU: Positive Psychology

The next belief about neuroplasticity to be disproven was that the brain of any animal was far too complex to accommodate the birth of new cells, neurogenesis. When a new dye (BrdU) could discriminate the new cells that were born in the brains of lower animals, it was still clear to scientists that human brains could not accommodate new cells. The thinking was that humans were too involved in such complex thinking as how to solve the economy; any new brain cells would just confuse such complex thinking. This dye, BrdU, was not considered safe in humans so this belief did not die. The rule of thumb was that you were born with more brain cells than remained viable. Use them or lose them was the concept. I reframed that for you earlier in Positive Psychology: USE THEM AND THEY WILL GROW.

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing; the study and application of what it takes for people and communities to adapt and thrive; and the study of building the best things in life. That’s the focus of evolving neuroscience you will be reading here.

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