The Perfect Sleep

What if you could sleep through the night with minimal waking…and tap into restorative sleep that could literally help you create new brain cells and maximize brain function?





I want to help you:


  • • Discover the most effective ways to prepare your mind and body for sound sleep!
  • • Take control of your thoughts so you can sleep deeper and longer!
  • • Fall asleep in 30 minutes or less when going to bed!
  • • Get the perfect amount of sleep every night to help you live longer and happier!
  • • Learn my conditioned relaxation technique to help you sleep when you need it the most!


sleep1Sleep deprivation has become a public health concern. Insomnia affects one-third to one-half of the population. The most frequently causes of insomnia are stress, loneliness, and bereavement. Our quality of life suffers due to insomnia as is reported with chronic medical disorders.


Watch for a Kindle book, “SLEEP: The Science on How Smart It Is to SLEEP”. It will cover:


  • • The latest statistics in sleep research;
  • • Understanding your Sleep Architecture;
  • • Mastering the Functions of Sleep;
  • • How to grab control of your sleep drive; AND
  • • The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for effective sleep!

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