Brain Power!

Neuroscience is veritably racing ahead like a house on fire, like a rabbit on hormones, like a tsunami, like free electrons in quest of bonding to another molecule of truth, like reindeer circling the Earth to make all deliveries in one short night.



brain1The most complex system in the universe is nestled between your ears. It’s out of sight but is your mind. It vigorously absorbs and emits more than any of the most stellar scientists even imagined possible until now.


To be smarter this year is no longer the gift of the young. New research has identified many enhancers and suppressors of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. And the research shows that it is never too early and never too late to enhance your brain power.


There are two findings from research that work well together. They are complementary.
On one hand, research with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) shows that past trauma has residual effects on behavior and the architecture of the brain. While on the other hand, a truism of research on aging states, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Does this mean revisiting past horrors is the equivalent of “using” the memory that would make it persist? Not necessarily. Excellent research has found methods of harvesting the value of history and resolving much of the negative effects. Use those memories only long enough to learn from history and change what you can. Otherwise, don’t use it and lose it… or at least reduce its strength.


We are uniquely gifted to be alive in the age of instant information while research is focusing on defining optimal health. For example, research on the centenarians in Okinawa began in 1976 when their unusually high population numbers were recognized in their country. Not until 1995 did the World Health Organization recognize Okinawa as a World Longevity Region. Publications on the extraordinary health of these elders were available only in Japanese. Now, thanks to research and Internet access, we can all learn about the Okinawa people. I’m personally inviting you to grab a copy of my book absolutely free here.

Giving your brain cells and the neurons, a workout as vigorous as aerobics can significantly increase your brainpower. Living in an enriched environment and actively striving for new learning increases the branching and complexity of dendrites and spines of your brain cells.
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